An overdue intro: The blog, the Story, and the Writer


Rigel is a story that has been tormenting this little author for years. It’s a story about strength in desperation, about love, and about finding the good in the worst. Oh and pirates. There are pirates in this.

The story will start from the origins after the prologue, and all the scenes from earlier chapters will tie up. I’ve taken a some artistic liberties in structuring it, and I hope it won’t be too confusing at first. Please don’t hesitate to drop in a question if you want!

The age-rating for this story is roughly older-teens to mature audiences. There will be no sexually explicit scenes, but graphic descriptions of violence and indicated torture should be expected. The story delves into heavier themes like slavery, mental illness, and death.

As for yours truly, I’ve decided to start anew with a blog exclusively for this novella. That being said, I’m a relatively longtime user of WP but wanted this story to independently lift itself off the ground. I love reading series from wordpress peers, so please feel free to leave a recommendation or your own story below.

16 thoughts on “An overdue intro: The blog, the Story, and the Writer

  1. I’ll be interested to see how this develops (fictionally and on here. I’ve a ‘practice novel’ I haven’t dared revisit for a couple of years. (Probably over-ambitious, but maybe I can revisit it as a blog.
    Good luck – I’ll be following


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